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Designed for the construction sector, Magni telescopic handlers allow any type of load to be positioned and manoeuvred up high or at maximum safety height. The intuitive controls of the touchscreen display and the ergonomic and panoramic cab with maximum comforts for prolonged use guarantee easy operation. Both the rotating and fixed telescopic handlers are compact and highly versatile, allowing for safe use even in construction sites with limited space or in urban areas. All Magni machines are equipped with 4-wheel drive and two forward­ reverse speeds, enabling operation on any type of terrain. This product range’s standard levelling system on tires also makes it possible to adapt to very rough surfaces with gradients of +/­10°.


For large construction sites, Magni has an array of rotating telescopic machines with large capacities and heights. Their powerful hydrostatic transmission provides every wheel with the power needed to move on any terrain, even for the most demanding climbs. Equipped with a standard 4-wheel drive and two forward­ reverse speeds and a tilting rear axle, the RTH range guarantees perfect adherence to the ground, thereby giving extremely versatile operability to the workers in the sector.


Flexibility, precision and, of course, safety are characteristics that Magni machines used with prefabricated structures must satisfy. Thanks to a wide range of specific attachments and machines with different performances and load charts, Magni offers a wide range of choices to operators in this sector. A large assortment of specific attachments greatly helps to increase the level of precision during operation – for example, the ability to manoeuvre the machine remotely using wireless radio control with electro­proportional controls.


Magni telescopic handlers provide excellent assistance both for handling and moving heavy and bulky material on any kind of terrain. The three different types of steering make it possible to handle considerable loads even in the most complex situations. In addition, the patented R.F.ID system integrated in all Magni machines that features direct recognition of attachments with a load chart display makes these models extremely versatile and suitable for this demanding sector. Clamps, hooks and buckets give the machines a great deal of flexibility, making the operator’s efforts even more productive without the need to change vehicles inside the same work site.


Magni has also taken the advice of professionals in the field of coverings and insulation into consideration when designing its range of rotating telescopic handlers and scissor platforms. Thanks to their ability to reach different heights and lift different loads, they make it possible to position metal sheets and coverings in complete safety, without having to move the machine on the ground. The wide range of similar baskets and attachments makes these machines even more versatile and multi­functional, while their compact size allows them to be stabilised even in areas that are difficult to access, guaranteeing complete functionality. The twin­energy option enables them to be operated indoors in electric mode once connected to an electric source.


The rotating telescopic handlers and scissor platforms make it possible to cover large work areas that meet the height requirements at the construction site without having to move the machine on the ground. A wide range of attachments completes the offer. The compact size of some of the machines also allows them to be used in areas inside work sites. Both pivoting and scissor outriggers provide maximum stabilisation, allowing for precision and preventing indentations in the ground. It is possible to equip the machine with baskets to guarantee a maximum working height of up to 12 m greater than that of the machine.

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