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Magni handling solutions are known for their reliability and performance. Even in a demanding sector like the oil & gas sector, they meet expectations for the duration of the projects: site constructions and gas pipelines support for on-site activities and machinery maintenance.


Magni offers armies all over the world solutions that meet their specific requirements for military logistics, aeronautical maintenance, construction and maintenance or storage, high performance models and undisputed reliability.


An airport is an infrastructure that requires a lot of maintenance, often in extreme weather conditions. From the rotating telescopic handler to the scissor platform, Magni offers a wide range of solutions for lifting people, maintaining fingers, replacing lighting and necessary handling for workers in the sector, thereby improving intervention times. The compact dimensions of the machine guarantee access to all types of aircraft in complete safety and also make it possible to carry out numerous jobs at any height, both indoors and outdoors.


Maintaining buildings and existing infrastructures is the mission of personnel in this sector, just as ensuring reliability and maximum performance in complete safety is that of Magni. These machines are subjected to various checks and tests to make sure that they will always be operational for routine work and guarantee the needed durability in this sector.


This special Magni Kinshofer attachment is the best gripper for handling, shifting and cutting wooden logs. It is able to handle rough cut logs, planks or poles in complete safety and with great precision, on stable or uneven ground.


The logistics of a port involves handling heavy and voluminous loads. Both for smaller ports, where fishing activity and the recovery of nets on board fishing vessels is a daily activity, as well as for international ports where tonnage is key, Magni offers a range of tailor-made products for each of these specific activities. These include various attachments, such as booms with a hook to high tonnage forks, clamps for containers and buckets for collecting loose materials. Whether used on wharves or in the holds of ships, Magni products are easier to manoeuvre.


Thanks to their versatility and the safety they offer the operator, Magni machines are used in fields ranging from construction to railway line maintenance. Perfect activities for Magni rotating telescopic handlers include construction, material storage and loading containers and lifting persons. They simplify the operator’s job by improving intervention times.


These machines are essential for maintaining bridges and viaducts and for handling and logistics in large road construction projects. The most important and indispensable attachment is an over under basket that makes it possible to attain a positive working height of 4.579 m and a negative height of 5.795 m. The basket is approved and certified for two operators and has anti-slip flooring.


Magni telescopic handlers are the ideal solution for maintaining silos and handling grain. Hygiene, safety and productivity requirements are fully satisfied by Magni machines, which boast these qualities by offering effective safety systems in order to protect operators, provide easy machine cleaning and start up immediately for handling bulk loads or loads in containers.

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