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Magni lands also in Verona Arena

Magni lands also in Verona Arena

The arrival at Verona Arena has been an amazing achievement for Magni, as well as for Arkè Company entrusted with the maintenance works in the archaeological site, and for Bauma Service Group which is our consolidated dealer in Verona area.
Our RTH 5.25 SH model was used for the maintenance of the electrical installations useful for the illumination of the amphitheatre. The large choice of accessories is perfectly compatible with the model, and it makes it the perfect partner for these operations of ordinary maintenance.
The platform is equipped with a winch and can hold up to 3 people. It is perfect to work at a height, in fact the winch is able to lift materials easily without any additional equipment.
Versatility and excellent performance are characteristics written in Magni DNA, and these features make it the best partner for any work at high.
Arke’ S.r.l. 
Via Cà di Fuori 3
37060 – Buttapietra VR
Tel. 045 666 1468


Bauma Service
Via Alessandro Fleming 19
37135 Verona
Tel. 045 8230343

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